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As a physical therapist since 1996, it has always been challenging to find out if my treatments work or not. The answer I usually get when I ask a patient how it’s going is often – I’m all right, not worse. Sound familiar?

The joint movement has been challenging to measure – Do I know how much movement joints have only by looking with my eyes? Is it now better than the previous treatment?

I have been using TE3 mobility stick last six months and found it useful to my practice as a physical therapist. With the TE3 mobility stick, I can measure a range of movement objectively in the joints and follow how my treatments help or not. The concrete number shows how far we are from the goal.

I like to use whole TE3 Mobility Analysis and test the entire body, but sometimes I measure only one or two joints, which I follow in my treatments. TE3 has motivated both my customers and me. It’s essential to both of us to see progress objectively,