Live longer and better with joint mobility drills

How would you feel to meet the daily challenges with full of energy and pain-free? For the past ten years I have used daily joint mobility drills daily to help me face the challenges of the day.

How often we warm up our joints? Mostly we concentrate to warm up our muscles and don’t give a thought our joints. We have about 100 joints in our body surrounded by joint capsules. It’s well-known fact that circulation and nutrition to joints happen through movement. When we move our joints, we smooth joint surfaces and lubricates them. This helps to get healthy joints and helps to maintain a full range of motion.

After lecturing and seeing the good effects of joint mobility drills daily, I have made a little cookbook, Joint Mobility, to remind people how to do the joint mobility drills.

The digital version of Joint Mobility is available in four different languages; English, Finnish, Norwegian and Portuguese. To buy a digital version, please select a language below.

A physical version of Joint Mobility is also available in Norwegian and Finnish. Send me an email to purchase.


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